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From boar dummies to insemination catheters, this section contains all necessary products for the boar stud and sow farm.


All the necessary equipment and consumables for semen processing, freezing, storage, and artificial insemination in Bovine.


Complete embryo transfer and AI product line for equine veterinarians, breeders, and researchers.


Semen collection, preservation and insemination products for small animal veterinarians and canine breeders.

Small Ruminants

Products for semen production and artificial insemination in small ruminants.

Semen Freezing

Equipment and supplies for the cryopreservation of porcine, equine, canine, ovine and caprine semen.

Embryo Transfer

Media and equipment for the collection and transfer of embryos in bovine, equine, and porcine.

Microscopes and Heating Systems

Customize your laboratory by combining one of our many microscopes and heating system solutions.

Lab Equipment and Supplies

A full range of laboratory equipment and supplies including: water baths, scales, temperature controlled storage, incubators, heating systems and more.

Medical Research and IVF

Specialized products for universities, research institutes and clinics practicing medical research and IVF.

Training and Education

Minitube International proudly offers specialized product training and educational seminars in assisted reproduction technologies for customers worldwide.


Minitube works hard to provide the best possible customer care.