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Minitube is the world's leading system supplier for reproduction technology in farm animals in the fields of artificial insemination, embryo transfer and related Biotechniques.

Here at Minitube, veterinarians, engineers and researchers work together on the continuing development of animal breeding technologies to provide customers with solutions resulting in measurable success.




This year´s Simmet Prize for Assisted reproduction will be awarded to Prof. Katrin Hinrichs of Texas A&M University for her pioneering efforts to elucidate the fundamental biology of gametes and embryos in the horse and to develop laboratory techniques that have made assisted reproduction technologies in the horse a practical reality.


On 19th May a series of lectures were held in the city of Tepatitlán, Jalisco region in Mexico, organized by the Minitube subsidiary Mexitube Alemania.



SpermNotes Small Ruminants 2015

Special edition: Modern assisted reproduction techniques in small ruminants

  • Semen collection and processing
  • Artificial insemination
  • Multiple ovulation and embryo transfer
  • Minitube training courses in ovine/caprine reproduction techniques

application/pdf SpermNotes Small Ruminants 2015_en.pdf (1.44 MB)

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Validation of the MiniReader – Progesterone ELISA test

application/pdf Technical report_MiniReader_en_150429.pdf (324.00 kB)

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